Men's Group

Men all need a brotherhood of support, wherein we can educate each other on how to be in relationships, how to work through men's issues while upholding each other. Often, men are more of a source of competition than a support for each other.
But it takes a man to feel and to heal another man's pain, anguish, anger and fear. As men we are often afraid to do this in any other context than with other men because we feel that our families, communities and ourselves depend on our strength. As Rumi said, the cure for pain is in the pain, this is the place for it.

Transformational Retreat

A 7 day, intensive retreat designed to create the ideal opportunity for self-transformation. The retreat offers an intensive space to work on deep seated, issues in a supportive, collaborative and fun environment. It is a challenging, at this deeply evocative journey and yields tremendous results.
It includes one hour of one on one art-psychotherapy per day, 2 hours of a supportive group psychotherapy, 2 hours of mindfulness-meditation, morning yoga, an afternoon nature excursion or exercise time, fun mini-events, additional art-time and healthy food.
Hosted in Cape Town, South Africa during February, 2020, it is available again depending upon demand, at other locations.

Workshop - Working with Art to know yourself more deeply

Art-making can be a tremendously rejuvenating, soothing and comforting resource. During this workshop, participants are taught how to gain insight into their subconscious and process deep, hidden and at times lost emotions, desires and fears. Learning how to work with art in this way is a tremendously liberating experience as it helps us learn how to 'process' our own lives more deeply and rapidly, which ‘clears the space’ in your mind, making you more available, more energized and takes the weight off your shoulders. It also helps us find our 'voice’ and ultimately transforms our way of being in the world, making us a more complete, holistic and psycho-emotionally buoyant person.
NEXT EVENT - Studio Muse, Kalk Bay, Cape Town (Above Olympia Cafe), Sat 18th January, 9AM-5PM

Workshop - Artist's Zero to Hero

Can't do art cos you're not good enough but secretly dream of being an artist? This workshop is for you! While many people harbour beliefs such as this, the truth is that if you have the coordination to write with a pen, you CAN draw and if you can draw, you can also paint. With about a day's practice in a supportive environment in which a participant learns tricks to shift consciousness into their right brain, they can totally transform their art. Literally going from stick figures to OMG in a day.
Next Event - The Boardroom Cafe, Grand Forks, BC, 26th October 2019

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