Here are some examples of matters I can assist you in finding your own assistance with attending to. 

Life Transitions

Grief and loss, ageing, maturation and development, culture shock and immigration, living with a terminal illness. 

Relational concerns

Conflict, communication and developing listening and vocalizing skills, connected-ness, self-awareness, healthy attachment (seeing each other appropriately).

Mental Health concerns

All general mental health concerns and diagnosis are worked with. This includes issues such as Depression, Anxiety, PTSD and trauma, Stress management, Addiction, Coping with chronic illness, Isolation, confidence, purposelessness, hopelessness, motivation.  


The ultimate aim of therapy is the self-transformation of the individual. That is a slow, step by step process of change with occasional rapids and breakdown, fantastic joyous discoveries, archeological uncovering, scary heaviness and an unpredictable, fantastic re–emergence into a new way of being.

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