Jan Joubert
Art-therapist and Clinical Counsellor
CCPA-ACCP # 11242062
CATA # 41558508
HPCSA # A0001678

An online therapeutic service for individuals, couples, families and groups, based out of the NWT, Canada, available in English and Afrikaans.

Life can yield much unexpected loss, pain, confusion, fear and loneliness. Sometimes this changes us in ways that we can not accept. We loose touch with our safety, our joy and love or each other.

Others need to become more fully alive and embodied. Some suspect a sense of patterns in their life choices and circumstances and wish to change these.

Healing is possible at every moment.

Everybody needs a little aid some times.

If you permit me, I can help you find your way to find your way.

More about this service...

Blog - What is Art-Psychotherapy?

Art therapy combines the creative process and psychotherapy. Through creative arts, thoughts and feelings can be expressed that would otherwise be difficult to articulate. For further information have a look at my blog.

Matters Treated

From life transitions, loss, relational concerns and trauma to general mental health, I offer a service aimed at your self-transformation.

Workshops, Retreats and Groups

- Transformational retreats                 - Family therapy and reparative attachment treament
- Art-psychotherapy workshops       - Workshops for general mental health and well-being
- Therapeutic Groups                            - Art-technique educational events

About Me

In this section I describe my professional history, capacities I worked in within the Mental Health field, personal and professional knacks and interest, etc.

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